Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> Refered on 20080725, so yes run update-mime-database is part of it. If
> it does not work for you guys then I am not sure. There is nothing
> mimetype related change in between Evolution 2.22.0 to in
> ChangeLog, but they might do more changes than what put in ChangeLog.
> What's *.desktop looks like? Does installs
> anything related with mimetype stuff? I don't have and I
> don't use Evolution either, which is why I have no idea and trying to
> guess. If you downgrade only Evolution to 2.22.1 and does it works again?


I followed the instructions in /usr/ports/UPDATING for 20080725 to
resolve problems with Nautilus and PDF files last month, so, yes, I
followed the updating entry.

What is weird here is that Nautilus works just fine, it is only
Evolution that seems to have a different notion of MIME handler
association. So, I was hoping to get an idea of how that association is
formed without going through the Evolution code (for which I haven't
found the spare time to go through).


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