This is a Option GlobeTrotter Max HSUPA modem. I've added it. It should work
out of the box. I've got 3 Option modems here and they are all identical in
functionality bar speeds and whether or not they have a WLAN module.

Please note that a completely rewritten driver is ready. Somehow data gets
corrupted and this panis my machine. But only with Option cards. If you
receive this mail, the E220 support works.



> Nick Hibma wrote:
> > Just now I have committed a driver for Option and Huawei cards
> > previously supported by the ubsa driver. More information is in the
> > commit message.
> >
> > I am looking for people who would be able to provide more information
> > after testing with the 3G cards branded by:
> >
> > OEM:
> > Merlin
> > Huawei
> > Option
> > Sierra
> > Novatel
> > Qualcomm

> A coworker has an Option card (Vodafone-branded) which
> isn't recognized. I only had a chance to look at it
> briefly, so i don't have a lot of information, sadly.
> The USB vendor ID is 0x0af0 ("Option"), the device ID
> is 0x7001.
> Do you happen to know if this is compatible with the
> other "Globetrotter G3" cards, so just adding the ID
> would work? Unfortunately I can't try this right now
> myself, because it's not my machine ...
> Best regards
> Oliver

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