Short comment - An example kernel configuration would be nice in a readme

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> 1. libusb_20 appears to be undocumented (the manual page looks to be a
> placeholder) and the only example of use (usbconfig) has zero comments.

There is some work left to do there.

Any help going through the USB library would be appreciated.

> 2. is there any way to list the set of quirks in the usb2_quirk module?
> I don't think going back to the source is sufficient as you may only
> have a binary to work with.

Not at the moment, but I could possibly extend "usbconfig" to list available

quirks. I've made a note for this.

> 3. similarly for the driver container modules can one see the set of
> drivers bundled?

No. You will have to inspect the module "DATA_SET()" information in the kld.

> 4. I'm interested to understand why these container modules exist
> instead of individual drivers.

They exist to make loading USB drivers easier. It is simpler to
load "usb2_serial" than to emperically search for a specific serial port
driver. In the future the "usb2_serial" module will load the correct driver
for you.

> I don't see anything in the manual pages
> that references the drivers, can one still configure a kernel w/ only
> the specific drivers present on a system? (e.g. for embedded use) If so
> please fix the manual pages.

Yes, of course you can still ungroup the driver modules into smaller parts,
simply by moving the source files to another module, or removing the source
files for the drivers you don't want. But there are no kernel options that
will do that currently. You have to do it by hand until further.

> 5. The man page description of the usb2_template module is unclear to
> me. I suspect an example would help.

I have made a note for this.

> 6. Many files lack a copyright/license (e.g. modules/*).

It is BSD licensed like the rest of the code.


BTW: I will travel to EuroBSDcon2008 tomorrow and will probably not have
access to e-mail all the time.
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