Guys, I'm planning on giving integration of Han's MPSAFE
and fast usb stack this coming week.

Code is referenced in the below message.

Please give feedback now so that I can be prepared.

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From: Hans Petter Selasky
To: Alfred Perlstein
Cc: Andrew Thompson
Subject: Re: USB4BSD - release candidate 2
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 22:23:01 +0200
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NOTE: The following file has been deleted:


And the patch for the kernel config file is different.


%md5 usb2_release_002.*
MD5 (usb2_release_002.diff) = 0209262b6df3a1e2aecac1c4fd553c41
MD5 (usb2_release_002.tar.gz) = a8f9dd0ce9e3191d6446dc07c2151432
%sha256 usb2_release_002.*
SHA256 (usb2_release_002.diff) =
5d5d0c8ea2a4cf1ea631bd45082b56da1bf12cfc85b6e613bf 881dca3949111b
SHA256 (usb2_release_002.tar.gz) =
6d9001f4baf56e6a85c4e147de24b6c7d00c052e3840088b93 a53ef4e4c92fb9


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- Alfred Perlstein
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