On 2008-Oct-10 16:43:17 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> I just bought the last pre-Lenovo [?] IBM ThinkPad. I would have
> much preferred the computer *without* an OS, but hell will freeze
> over before that happens. Nutshell, it's got XP on it and I'd
> like to know if I can scrape it off and either give or sell it.

It should have either been supplied with recovery disks or have
embedded software that will allow you to build recovery disks.
Unfortunately, the latter mechanism will require you to complete the
XP install process before you can create the recovery disks. Also, my
understanding (IANAL and TINLA) is that the XP license you have is not
transferrable so you would not be able to legally give/sell it to
someone else and I also believe the license key is linked to the
hardware configuration and may not work on (eg) a whitebox desktop. I
suggest you read the fine print in the EULA before attempting to sell

> So: should I just drop in 7.1-R or Ubuntu-XYZ over the Windows
> or what? The ONLY use I'd ever have to use W is to play my
> French CD's. O/wise it's useless.

Your other approach is to shrink the XP partition (Knoppix includes
suitable tools or you can search the Internet) and put FreeBSD (or
Ubuntu - but this is a FreeBSD list) on the rest of the disk. I used
this approach on a HP laptop and managed to shoe-horn XP into 5GB
(though if you actually want to use it, you'd be better off with a
bit more space).

Peter Jeremy
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