Kip Macy wrote:
> Basic Xen support for 32-bit in PAE mode is in CVS. Please see the
> wiki for general information:
> Please be forewarned that I am not claiming that this is
> production-ready. There are many known limitations. If you would like
> to take it for a test drive and report bugs please give it a spin.

Well it took me some figuring out, before I found this message.
Getting it to run with a current-kernel is a lot simpeler.

So what I've done is:
take your mdroot-disk and your config
build the current XEN kernel
So I'm running a current-kernel with 7.0 world, I guess.

That boots just fine after I changed the disk to xbd1a...

So as a nice stresstest I thought:
lets mount /usr/src8/src and try to build world.

Well that is killed in the first serious work with sig 11.
Which I at first expected to be due the small memsize.
But even upping this on to 256Mb, the compiler still crashes.

Also the system suffers from rather seriously long freezes.
It can sit there for like > 30 secs.

But then on the other hand:
It is getting real close to being usefull.


Underlying stuff:
dual opteron 245 with 2gb RAM
running Ubuntu Hardy en Xen 3.2 PAE


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