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> New question: which WiFi chipset is better supported in FreeBSD, Atheros
> XSPAN or Intel® WiFi Link 5100 AGN? What kind of witch's brew is required
> to make them work?

Glad that Sam took that one .. however if you hunt around the various
dealers you may find one (of either P1620 or T1010) fitted with one of
what Fujitsu were still offering a few months ago; an earlier model
Atheros (I can't recall which, but thought it should be supported, being
one of those mentioned in ath(4) eg AR52xx), or the Intel 3945abg, which
I then understood to be (perhaps) likely to work with Project Evil.

> Thanks for the replies to my question about installing from a USB drive.
> Sounds like something to avoid for the time being. While considering
> alternatives I realized that a larger screen would be better suited for
> this system's primary mission, as a demo and teaching system. I had been
> looking at a Fujitsu P1620, no optical drive, 8.9 in. screen, 2.2 lbs. Now
> I am considering the T1010, built-in optical, 13.3 in. screen, 5.3 lbs.
> This one will not go with me on my bike, but I have a Newton MP2100 for that.

I did a little research on these about 5 months ago for a friend who was
agonising over the same sort of choices, after her older Pioneer tablet
got completely fried by a hit through the modem during a thunderstorm.

She wound up choosing the P1620, wanting something small and light for
backpacking around with, and the 6+hrs from its 6-cell battery option.
She already had an external USB DVD/CDRW from the Pioneer.

At that stage Fujitsu were still offering 'downgrades' to XP Tablet
which she installed after a brief play with Vasta (as she dubbed it
which might be relevant if you're planning on dual booting. I notice
they've removed mention of that from the website, but not P1620 specs.

The P1620 is dead cute, and has a really sharp screen despite its size.
Luckily my friend has slender hands, or the keyboard would feel cramped.

Its 1.8" 4200rpm PATA HDD is kinda slow and comes in smaller sizes than
the T1010 (which offers a 120GB 7200rpm option). Also, 2GB RAM max vs
4GB on the T1010, though the spec sheet infers that the extra 2GB is
only usable with Vista (?) Anyway, 2GB should be plenty for FreeBSD.

I can't comment on installing FreeBSD on it; so far she won't let me

cheers, Ian

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> Gary Dunn
> Honolulu
> Open Slate Project
> http://openslate.net/

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