Adam McDougall wrote:
>> This is probably the late consequence. I think debugging at this point
>> won't give much. At least it will require deep data structures digging.
>> You can enable some more debugging with setting hw.snd.verbose=4. May
>> be it will give some clues. If not, probably we should try to add some
>> debug printing near channel-to-device assignment loop near line 7170.
>> We should try to find is the channel number was incorrectly set
>> initially or it was erased later or channel memory itself was erased.
>> The only idea I have now about the problem is that it may be related
>> to the two audio codecs that you have on the same HDA bus. You are the
>> first person who reported about such setup, so it wasn't ever tested.

> I think I am having a similar issue, discovered it on a new model Dell
> Latitude E6500. It is probably seeing a codec for HDMI and modem in
> addition to the normal sound. Sound works if I patch the old hda driver
> to detect my codec on 7.1, but I just got 8 installed last night. If I
> have KDB_UNATTENDED and a dumpdev, it either hangs at the beginning of
> the dump or reboots almost immediately after the panic. I can try to
> hook up a serial or firewire console later and gather more info, but
> tonight I might be too busy. In the meantime, here are two screenshots
> of the panic and the backtrace:

Looks very alike as I can see without verbose messages. I will try to
think more about it, but as I can't reproduce it myself probably you
will probably have to add some additional debugging as I have written to

Alexander Motin
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