My tries to tune smb.conf to achieve better performance expose very
strange bug:
Just executing:

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/samba reload

made my system unresponsible from network. It happens three times until
now so I'm sure that is the cause (but it happened after some succesful
reloads a couple of minutes earlier, so it's not happening all the time
command is executed).

- machine only responding to ping requests
- ssh session shows, that config reload was succesful, and that's
last thing showed (no shell after message)
- can't connect with another ssh session, but no refuse nor timeout
- on local console system seems responsible (alt +[1-9] works), but
any try to login cause it to wait forever for password prompt
- no kernel or error message on screen, and nothing suspicious in logs
- alt+ctrl+del does nothing
- pressing power button and waiting for system to shutdown does nothing
- hard reset was the only way
- after first restart I've made full fsck and started rebuilding
gmirror - when machine hangs second time rebuilding doesn't stop

I'm not a developer but it looks like some kind of deadlock? Note that
changes I made to smb.conf was only in socket options.

Bartosz Stec

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