Hi all

I need to patch the gcc original sources to suit the FreeBSD, specially to support FreeBSD kernel compilation. I have tried it, spent lot of time, but it still develops compilation errors.

The FreeBSD stable comes with gcc-4.2.1 but the sources are scattered over the /usr/src, therefore, I find it difficult to re-create the gcc-4.2.1 to its original directory layout to make a patch.

I appreciate it very much, if you guys could help me to identify the pieces.

Or alternatively, if someone could straight away put the FreeBSD gcc sources back to a directory and make a patch compared to the original gcc-4.2.1 sources from GNU and post here, I could apply the patch on my side and verify it was done correctly, whether I can compile the FreeBSD kernel or not.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards

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