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* Scot Hetzel [081005 13:52]:
> On 10/5/08, Wolfgang Zenker wrote:
>> > Is that list more or less expected? From what I can tell, it's pretty
>> > safe to now do a make delete-old-libs. Do you concur?

>> that depends on you having updated all ports/packages as well as the
>> base system. I think I used a tool that checks which shared libraries are
>> used by which program but can't remember how it was called; but anyway you
>> can simply use ldd on your binaries in /usr/local/* to check if any of
>> them still use one of the old libs.

> I have used the devel/libcheck utility to check for missing libraries
> after upgrading the installed ports.

I guess you mean the sysutils/libchk utility and that was the one I used.

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