Hi All.

Ignited by recent discussions on -arch about shrinking the binary
footprint for small systems I searched around in my forest of devel
tree's and found a branch where I've split up ATA's chipset code into
vendor specific modules. This is usefull in many ways, so I'm planning
on committing this soonish, but lets have a round of testing first:

It can be found on http://deepcore.dk/pub/ATA as two files, ata-
modules-diff that contains a diff for /sys/conf/files and ata-
modules.tgz that is a replacement for /sys/dev/ata.
This turns the chipset parts into a module for each vendor, and they
are all compiled in as is, however they can be left out on a pr vendor
basis (there are a few interdependencies though).
I havn't written all the /sys/modules/ata/*/Makefiles that it would
take to make it into loadable modules, but thats trivial todo.

Let me know how this works out!


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