On 2008-08-09 21:32, Rink Springer wrote:
> Hi Ivan,
> On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 07:36:07PM +0200, Ivan Voras wrote:
> > This patch looks like it needs something. Can you post or link to the
> > entire driver please?

> Sure - this was already outlined in the original thread, but have a look
> at - the driver there works.
> You need minor tweaks to the Makefile, these can be found in
> http://setfilepointer.com/pub/geode/ns_geode.diff.
> Regards,

I just got around to playing with this again, to no avail:

**** geode Probe devid 20821022 classid 00000010!

**** geode Probe devid 20931022 classid 00000004!

pcm0: port 0xfe00-0xfe7f irq 11 at device 15.3 on pci0

**** geode Attach!

---> Geode mem regs at fe01

**** AUDIO PCI HDR ***
-->Vendor ID =1022
-->Dev ID =2093
-->PCI cmd =5
-->PCI status =2a0
-->Dev revision =1
-->PCI class =ffffffff
-->PCI latency =0
-->PCI header type =0
-->BIST =0
--> Register Base address =fe01
pcm0: calling bus_alloc_resource
pcm0: failed to enable memory mapping!
pcm0: unable to map BAR reg
device_attach: pcm0 attach returned 6

Anyone got any ideas? Remote access is available upon request.

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