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Watches Brand : Rado Watches ( http://rado-watches.pxhelp.com/ )
Gender : Ladies
Model : Rado-R20383732
Also Called : R20383732, Rado-R20383732, 20383732
Case Material : Black Ceramic
Movement : Quartz
Crystal : Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Dial Color : Black
Clasp : 18kt Yellow Gold And Black Ceramic
Bezel : 40 Diamonds
Case Thickness : 18mm x 22mm
Water Resistant : 30m/100ft

Black Dial. 12 Diamond Hour Markers. Case size approx. 18X22mm.
Battery Operated Quartz Movement. Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal.
Black Ceramic Case and Bracelet with Gold Trim. Scratch Resistant
Ceramic Case & Bracelet. 30 Meters \ 100 Water Resistant

Integral Womens Watch. Item # R20383732

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