Borja Marcos wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2008, at 3:18 PM, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>> Borja Marcos wrote:
>>> ((Sorry for the long dump))
>>> (gdb) bt
>>> #0 0x3827cfe7 in __error () from /lib/
>>> #1 0x3827cd4a in __error () from /lib/
>>> #2 0x08702120 in ?? ()

>> As you can see the debugging symbols are still not available. Refer
>> to the developers handbook if you need more assistance doing this.

> Hmm. Weird. I compiled the port having WITH_DEBUG defined (as I saw in
> the Makefile) and indeed the gcc invocations has the -g flag set. What
> is strange is the error gdb issued, offering a coredump, etc.

It is likely that the binaries are stripped on install then. You can
try to run gdb against the compiled versions in the port work/ directory.

>> Also, it is worth carefully checking your php configuration. For
>> example, php is notoriously sensitive to the order in which modules
>> are defined, and will crash or misbehave without giving any other
>> warnings if you don't meet its expectations. That may or may not be
>> relevant in your situation.

> Just in case I didn't change the order of the modules. I'll keep looking
> at it.

This could be why Some people report that previously working
configurations stopped working after an upgrade until the ordering was

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