>> Today I discovered that the problem seems to go away if I change the NFS
>> mount options on the desktop. The following is a summary/timeline of what
>> I've tried:
>> 7-STABLE client, no NFS options (defaults); 7-STABLE server, UFS; works
>> 7-STABLE client, no NFS options (defaults); 7-STABLE server, ZFS; broken
>> 7-STABLE client, no NFS options (defaults); 8-CURRENT server, ZFS; broken
>> 7-STABLE client, tcp,nfsv3,-r32768,-w32768; 8-CURRENT server, ZFS, works

> Do you need all the options here? If not, could you try to find the
> smallest subset of options that are needed to make ZFS work? Maybe
> 'nfsv3' is all that is needed, or 'tcp' alone fixes it? At work we use
> many NFS exported ZFS file systems, mostly accessed from MacOS X and
> we see no problems.

Good to hear. I've just started testing a setup with an areca arc-1680
sas card and an external sas-cabinet. It currently has a zpool with
ten 1 TB-drives in raidz2. It may grow to a two-digit TB system if the
testing goes fine.

It will nfs-share the partitions to my FreeBSD webservers. I'm using
nfs v.3 and tcp with a read- and write-size at 32768.


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