Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:

> I'm afraid your pool's metadata is
> somehow corrupted that ZFS can't handle that.

Yes, that's my conclusion also. It looks like the intent log is messed
up enough to trigger an assert while ZFS tries to parse/replay it.

> I saw warnings in your
> first e-mail about ZFS not beeing able to replay ZIL. Can you try
> disabling ZIL? Something like:

I've already tried this, and it made no difference. When the box crashed
ZIL was enabled, and for some reason garbage got written into the ZIL.
Now whenever ZFS tries to import the pool it sees a non-empty ZIL and
tries to parse/replay it.

Is there an easy way to trick ZFS into thinking the ZIL is empty?

> Although I'm not sure if disabling ZIL will prevent replaying
> previously prepared ZIL.

It won't unfortunately.

> If that won't help, I'm afraid the last suggestion I can
> provide is to try the lastest ZFS version (I can prepare a
> patch for you in a few days).

I could probably prepare a temporary install of 8-CURRENT on a spare
drive and boot from that if it's easier for you to make a patch against
CURRENT instead of RELENG_7_0.

> You could also try
> to import a pool read-only, but I just tried doing so with
> 'zpool import -o ro ' command and it mount file systems
> read-write. Not sure why it doesn't work, but I'll try to fix
> it today.

I'll try that!

Daniel Eriksson (
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