Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker Resp. Description
o kern/93942 fs [vfs] [patch] panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir (patch from D
o kern/112658 fs [smbfs] [patch] smbfs and caching problems (resolves b
o kern/114676 fs [ufs] snapshot creation panics: snapacct_ufs2: bad blo
o kern/116170 fs [panic] Kernel panic when mounting /tmp
o bin/121072 fs [smbfs] mount_smbfs(8) cannot normally convert the cha
o bin/122172 fs [fs]: amd(8) automount daemon dies on 6.3-STABLE i386,
o kern/122888 fs [zfs] zfs hang w/ prefetch on, zil off while running t

7 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker Resp. Description
o bin/113049 fs [patch] [request] make quot(8) use getopt(3) and show
o bin/113838 fs [patch] [request] mount(8): add support for relative p
o bin/114468 fs [patch] [request] add -d option to umount(8) to detach
o kern/114847 fs [ntfs] [patch] [request] dirmask support for NTFS ala
o kern/114955 fs [cd9660] [patch] [request] support for mask,dirmask,ui
o bin/118249 fs mv(1): moving a directory changes its mtime
o kern/124621 fs [ext3] Cannot mount ext2fs partition
o kern/125536 fs [ext2fs] ext 2 mounts cleanly but fails on commands li

8 problems total.

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