jonathan michaels wrote:
> Doug, et al,
> i for one appreciate this "over-engieered" responce because it has
> given me (and those like me) a chance to get answers to questions that
> we have asked for over a year in my case, about this whole bind setup
> issue.

I have no idea what you mean by "questions that we have asked for over
a year." (Although, if you've asked on freebsd-questions@ I would not
have seen it.) There is the mailing list where you
can get answers to anything bind-related, and there are plenty of
people knowledgeable about running it on freebsd on that list even if
I don't get a chance to answer first.

Of course there are also plenty of resources, the most important being
"DNS and BIND, 5th Edition." which you should
definitely read and have handy if you're doing any DNS work that is
even marginally complex.

> as an asideo, it would be better for people coming in cold could find a
> better source of who to setup support services such as bind and all teh
> others for a woring freebsd based network ..

Our Handbook is an excellent source for this. If you feel that the
articles are written at too high a level feel free to send some
feedback on that. Most of us have long ago lost our ability to see
things the way the mythical "average user" does, so that kind of
feedback is very valuable.

Someone else also mentioned, which I
highly recommend.




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