Kevin K wrote:
>> I have a 64-bit system that had the 32-bit version of 6.3 installed on
>> it. Is it possible to use freebsd-update (or another somewhat
>> painless method) to switch the system to 64-bit?
>> We're running into the 4GB memory limit.
>> --Wade


FreeBSD-update is used for updates to binary files for the current
installed version of FreeBSD.

Using sysinstall and do a binary upgrade should do the trick or doing
the below.

Just make sure you make a backup of everything b4 you start.

> I believe this is possible but you will come into a lot of trouble with
> statically linked libraries -- a much more reliable and secure would be to
> build a clean amd64 on a separate system and re-compile the needed software
> and move the files from i386 over after it has been tested.

You should be able to do the above on the system in question provided
you follow the handbook to the letter. After the installing of the new
world and kernel, make sure you do a full recompile of all ports to be sure.



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