On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, 17:14-0400, Ken Smith wrote:

> If any of you have been wishing there was an IPv6-capable cvsup server
> you could use (with csup as the client obviously since cvsup doesn't do
> IPv6...) give cvsup18.freebsd.org a try. With the help of a few other
> folks I got nudged into giving inetd/netcat a try as a means to feed
> IPv6 connections to the cvsupd server process.
> If you try it and have problems let me know. cvsup18 is my "little
> server" (handles between 200 and 300 connects a day) but if this seems
> to work OK I can give it a try on my "big server" (handles between 3000
> and 4000 connects a day...).

FWIW, we already running ipv6 cvsup server at cvsup4.ru.freebsd.org.

Maxim Konovalov
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