I am going to be running a large array.

I will have quotas in the kernel and enabled BUT all users I set quotas on will be nowhere near the 2TB barrier I see people talking about recently.

HOWEVER, at some point in the future, root or www (or both) users will _own more than_ 2 TB of files. They will not have a quota set on them, but they will in fact own >2 TB of files.

Is this also a problem ? Or is the only problem actually _setting_ a quota larger than 2TB ?

I assume the output in "repquota /my/fs" will be broken, and that is fine with me - I just don't want to corrupt or damage my filesystem (or existing quotas) the day that my www user goes over 2TB of owned files.

Also, I am distrustful of merely testing this - just because things run fine for a day with quotas turned on and some user owning more than 2 TB of files doesn't mean it won't blow up at some future date in some interesting scenario - and that is why I am asking for opinions here rather than just creating >2 TB of files and turning on quotas.

Does anyone out there already do this and can reassure me ?

Thanks a lot.

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