After having problems with some Gnome ports I was instructed to upgrade from FreeBSD
6.2-RELEASE, so I followed the instructions to upgrade to 7.0. I did have some problems
with updating all the ports--some of them failed during the upgrade, but i went back adn
re-updated them by hand, but may have missed some.

I now have a system with Gnome installed and up to date, but im having login troubles. The
first time i tried to login, there was a messege (which i didnt write down) about a problem with
gnome-settings-daemon that it said it would try to fix. Now each time i try to login, after
entering my username/password, it freezes. On the console theres a message:

console-kit-daemon[1055]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_hash_table_lookup:assertion 'hash_table != NULL' failed

This is repeated a few times.

There's nothing useful in /var/log/messages or /var/log/gdm, and i didnt google anything
useful. I did rebuild gnome-settings-daemon and consolekit from ports, jus to be sure.

Is this a known problem? Anything I can do? This is FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE on a ThinkPad
T60, if that matters.



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