Hi there group,

I have nscd running on 6.3 with backports patches, but maybe this will
apply to the 7.0?
What's the problem:

i have nss setup with nss_pg module and authenticates passing through
pam pg module.
I have nscd running so I can make fewer queries to the pg server when
system retrieves uid<->userid.
But when I change the password in pg database, I can't get authenticated
on the machine running nscd.
When I restart it, the new password is retrieved as it should be and
authentication goes ok.

my config is:
moser# cat /etc/nscd.conf
# Default caching daemon configuration file
# $FreeBSD: src/etc/nscd.conf,v 2007/10/19 00:09:54 bushman Exp $
enable-cache passwd yes
enable-cache group yes
enable-cache hosts no
enable-cache services no
enable-cache protocols no
enable-cache rpc no
enable-cache networks no
threads 25

So my question:
Is this a suggested behaviour and shouldn't nscd cache all in passwd
struct but password itself?

any suggestions, opinions and comments are welcome!


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