>>>>> "bms" == Bruce M Simpson writes:
bms> It would be great if we could ship FreeBSD out of the box, ready
bms> to automount removable media. This would be useful to all users,
bms> but particularly for novices and people who just wanna get on
bms> and use the beast.

I think this would be nice, so long as it isn't enabled by default.
I've always enjoyed how FreeBSD shuns the feature-creep that infects
other operating systems. Wouldn't it also be nice to have automatic
printer discovery, automatic WEP/WPA network setup via a nice GUI, etc

FreeBSD's documentation is really wonderful, and newbies should be
encouraged to read the rich documentation to find out how to (among
other things) enable automounting. They'll find out many other great
things on the way.

Mike V.

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