On 23/04/2008, at 3:34 AM, John Baldwin wrote:

>>> The
>>> real problem at the bottom of the screen though is a real issue.
>>> It's a LOR
>>> of two different sleepqueue chain locks. The problem is that when
>>> setrunnable() encounters a swapped out thread it tries to wakeup
>>> proc0, but
>>> if proc0 is asleep (which is typical) then its thread lock is a
>>> sleep queue
>>> chain lock, so waking up a swapped out thread from wakeup() will
>>> usually
>>> trigger this LOR.
>>> I think the best fix is to not have setrunnable() kick proc0
>>> directly.
>>> Perhaps setrunnable() should return an int and return true if proc0
>>> needs to
>>> be awakened and false otherwise. Then the the sleepq code (b/c only
>>> sleeping
>>> threads can be swapped out anyway) can return that value from
>>> sleepq_resume_thread() and can call kick_proc0() directly once it
>>> has dropped
>>> all of its own locks.
>>> --
>>> John Baldwin

>> The way you describe it, it almost sounds like this LOR should be
>> happening for everyone, all the time. To try and eliminate the
>> factors
>> which trigger it for us, we tried the following: removed PAE from
>> kernel, disabled PF. Neither of these things made any difference and
>> the error is fairly quickly reproducible (within a couple of hours
>> running various things to load the machine). The one thing we did not
>> test yet is removing ZFS from the picture. Note also that this box
>> ran
>> for years and years on FreeBSD 4.x without a hiccup (non PAE, ipfw
>> instead of pf and no ZFS of course).

> There are two things. 1) Most people who run witness (that I know
> of) don't
> run it on spinlocks because of the overhead, so LORs of spin locks
> are less
> well-reported than LORs of other locks (mutexes, rwlocks, etc.). 2)
> You have
> to have enough load on the box to swap out active processes to get
> into this
> situation. Between those I think that is why this is not more widely
> reported.

Hi John,

Thanks for your efforts so far to track this LOR down. I've been
keeping an eye on cvs logs, but haven't seen anything which looks like
a patch for this.

* is this still outstanding?
* or will it be addressed soon?
* if not, should I create a PR so that it doesn't get forgotten?
* in our case, although we can trigger it quickly with some load, the
problem occurs (and causes a complete machine lock) even under < 10%
load. Not sure if the combination of PAE/ZFS/SCHED ULE exacerbates
that in any way compared to a 'standard' build.

Thank you
Ari Maniatis

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