Zaphod Beeblebrox wrote:
> On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 8:52 PM, Julian Elischer > > wrote:
> I have committed the base of teh Multi-routing-table support.
> I am current;y waiting for it to loop back to me before a final
> make universe test, but I think it should be ok.
> if you do nothing you should not see any difference.
> for a description of what and how, look at:
> >From my read of your file, this doesn't address FreeBSD's utter lack

> of what they often call an RIB --- where routes are chosen to be put
> into the FIB. Zebra does this to some extent, but there is one glaring
> case where zebra cannot fix the problem and FreeBSD's actions need be
> improved.

There is a reason this stuff is called FIB stuff and not RIB stuff..

> Consider a colocation facility where customer equipment is on a vlan and
> every one of these vlan's has two routers (each advertising RIP default
> routes to the customer equipment). All of these routers synchronize
> with OSPF.
> Now ... if vlan 10 on router-a and router-b both service a particular
> customer, you would (on router-a)
> ifconfig vlan10

what has http got to do with ifconfig?
(or did your email agent add that?)

> ... and on router-b
> ifconfig vlan10
> ... and then the customer would take the other addresses on that network
> and listen to RIP for his default route.
> But there's a problem. When you type this command on router-a, it will
> dutifully advertise to OSPF ...
> including to router-b... at which point the ifconfig command on router-b
> will fail unless you offline OSPF on router-b (which is an unattractive
> solution).
> Now... some would argue that for all other uses of multiple routes,
> zebra forms an adequate solution. However, it does not address this
> particular problem and there are far more uses of multiple identical
> routes (including multipath, etc) s.t. FreeBSD really does need a
> multiple route plan.

yes but that's not the problem I'm trying to solve.

It IS however related to the multipath code that Qing Li committed a
couple of weeks ago..

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