I have committed the base of teh Multi-routing-table support.
I am current;y waiting for it to loop back to me before a final
make universe test, but I think it should be ok.
if you do nothing you should not see any difference.

for a description of what and how, look at:


to compile it into a kernel you need

options ROUTETABLES=N where N is from 1 to 16

leaving it out, or setting it to 1 will have the effect of
creating a kernel that should behave as it did prior to this

In this work a kernel routing table is
referred to as a 'fib' (Forwarding Information Base).
I was informed by various routing people during this work
that this is the new-fangled correct name for an in kernel
routing(forwarding) table.

for more information see

setfib(1) and setfib(2)

This code, backported to 6.3 is running on Ironport appliances
and Cisco/Ironport has graciously allowed it to be given back.


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