Hi Matthew

Thanks you for you reply.

Before patching openssh, i've installed openssh 4.1 with port, and so the
path librairy located in different path.

Now i just desintall openssh4.1, and openssh running fine.

Thansk you for your help.


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Matthew Seaman
05/05/2008 20:35

To: karim.bourenane@orange-ftgroup.com
cc: freebsd-current@freebsd.org
Subject: Re: [FreeBsd 7.0] Openldap server - client / error with openssl - openssh

karim.bourenane@orange-ftgroup.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I just found security upgrade openssh, but don't running on my ldap
> server, same error :
> http://security.freebsd.org/advisori...05.openssh.asc
> And if i check version of channel.c file after upgrade :
> serverldap# patch < /var/tmp/openssh.patch
> Hmm... Looks like a unified diff to me...
> The text leading up to this was:
> --------------------------
> |Index: crypto/openssh/channels.c
> |================================================= ==================
> |RCS file: /home/ncvs/src/crypto/openssh/channels.c,v
> |retrieving revision 1.23
> |diff -u -r1.23 channels.c
> |--- crypto/openssh/channels.c 30 Sep 2006 13:38:04 -0000 1.23 <--
> Same value, same version
> |+++ crypto/openssh/channels.c 15 Apr 2008 19:09:48 -0000
> --------------------------
> Can anyone have idea ?

idea is patented software IIRC, and you need to add flags to
/etc/src.conf to enable idea realated stuff to be built. See src.conf(5).

I guess the problem you're seeing is because either:

you built either openssh or openssl on a different machine to where
you're running it and there's a difference in the WITH/WITHOUT_IDEA
settings between the two machines


you built openssh to link against the ports version of openssl
but you're running on a machine with only the base version installed

(although I'm not certain about that last: I think that scenario would
perhaps result in 'file not found' error messages from ld.so when it
find the SSL shlibs in /usr/local/lib)

Oh, and FreeBSD 7.0 is definitely freebsd-stable@... material nowadays.



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