Quoting David Forsythe, who wrote on Thu, Apr 24, 2008 at 07:46:02PM -0400 ..
> Hello everybody,
> My name is David Forsythe and I'll be working on allowing parallel builds in the
> ports collection for Summer of Code this year. I'm a second year student at the
> University of Maryland, College Park studying computer science.
> I'm extremely excited to work on this project over the summer and I hope my work
> is beneficial to the FreeBSD community. I was already planning on devoting a
> bunch of my free time this summer to working on this type of thing, so an
> @freebsd.org alias, a t-shirt, and a bit of cash are just icing on the cake (no
> seriously, getting a FreeBSD mail alias excited me so much I'm a little bit
> embarrassed...)

Heh.. you will get used to that ;-)

Wilko Bulte wilko@FreeBSD.org
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