=D0=CF=CE=C5=C4=A6=CC=CF=CB 14 =CB=D7=A6=D4=C5=CE=D8 2008 05:47 =D0=CF, Kev=
in Oberman =F7=C9 =CE=C1=D0=C9=D3=C1=CC=C9:
> If the port existed in a version prior to the release of 2.22
> [...] grab the port from just before that

No, thanks. I want the most recent version /of the port/. And the port itse=
does not care, which version of GNOME it is built against -- it is happy,=20
with /what I already have/ (earlier GNOME). Yet, I'm forced to upgrade, wha=
I already have -- gratuicously...


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