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On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 09:17:37PM +0200, martinko wrote:
> Lars Engels wrote:
> >Quoting martinko :
> >>Hi Lars,
> >>
> >>sysutils/nbosd looks very nice and rather useful, thanks! :-)
> >>
> >>However, I can think of the following:
> >>
> >>There are 2 important/interesting information missing:
> >>- remaining run-time in hours:minutes when running on battery
> >>- CPU temperature (especially on laptops)

> >
> >Good idea, it should be no problem to use sysctl to get those values.
> >
> >>Also, it might be quite useful to render battery related info in red
> >>colour once battery charge drops below some (configurable) limit when
> >>not running on AC power.
> >>
> >>The last but not least important is this -- nbosd shows you info on
> >>demand only. I find that most often I forget about my battery running
> >>flat and thus nbosd wouldn't help. Any idea how to deal with it ?

> >
> >nbosd was designed to show the value on demand. I have a keyboard shortc=

ut which shows me the=20
> >OSD whenever I need it.
> >But the shortcut doesn't work in every case e.g. when playing fullscreen=

games. So I taught=20
> >nbosd to work together with devd and now nbosd has an option to run as a=

daemon and only shows=20
> >up when the battery percentage falls below a user-defined value.
> >It still has some rough corners and the code needs to be cleaned up that=

's why I haven't=20
> >committed the new version.
> >I hope that my (very limited atm :-( ) time allows me get it finished, s=

> >

> Hi Lars,
> Remaining run-time (hours:minutes) could be next to the percentage value.
> I'm not sure about the temperature, though.
> I've set up a keyboard shotcut too (in WMaker) and it works great.
> However, sometimes I forget I'm running on battery and only find out when=

my laptop dies=20
> abruptly. That's why I'm trying to figure out how best to prevent such s=

> And what do you say about my suggestion to render battery life text and g=

raphics in red when=20
> running on DC and too low ? Would it be possible ?

Hi Martin,

somehow I didn't see you mail until now...
I just worked a bit on nbosd and it should fulfill your needs now:
A -d switch was added to run it as a daemon. You can give it an alarm
threshold with -a and the osd will pop up (in red ;-) ) when the current
battery level is below that threshold.
Additionally the remaining battery time is displayed.
I haven't committed the new version yet. I'd like to have one or two
testers before:

So if you would like to try it, please give a feedback on it.


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