Simon Barner wrote:
> Mike Silbersack wrote:
>> On Mon, 17 Mar 2008, Heiko Wundram wrote:
>>> Hey all!
>>> It's been some time now, and I just wanted to ping quietly whether there's
>>> any
>>> chance to get (a preview of) the valgrind adapted for FreeBSD 7.
>>> out is a futile task, I guess, as I didn't manage to find it in the
>>> FreeBSD
>>> perforce repository the last time I looked (and was pointed there), but
>>> that's probably due to my personal stupidity in using the web-frontend for
>>> Perforce (which I find absolutely horrible).
>>> Thanks for any pointer/hint/message!
>>> --
>>> Heiko Wundram

>> Here's a tarball of what's in perforce right now. I tried it a little bit,
>> and it seemed to work for me. Make sure to install the kernel module!
>> But don't send me questions about it - I'm not an expert on it, I'm just
>> the guy who grabbed it from perforce and found that it seems to work.

> Could you please provide me with the details, so I can update my
> (horribly outdated valgrind ports?

It was available from p4 at:


Note that this version does not work on architectures other than i386.

Xin LI
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