On Wed, Apr 02, 2008 at 12:25:57PM +0300, Anton - Valqk wrote:
> ok, just made a break trough,
> when I added cron to /etc/libmap.conf
> (here is my libnap.conf:
> user# cat /etc/libmap.conf
> [httpd]
> libpthread.so.2 libthr.so.2
> libpthread.so libthr.so
> [cron]
> libpthread.so.2 libthr.so.2
> libpthread.so libthr.so
> )
> cron stopped crashing.

cron isn't a threaded application, so I don't see how this fixed
anything. cron doesn't link to any threaded libraries either. Use ldd
and see for yourself.

> I've wrote an angry mail at sunday morning (GMT+2) about apache
> crashing (apache-worker) after a buildworld (by ezjail-admin), and
> added the above lines fixed my problem.

And you didn't respond to the people who offered to help:


You also didn't provide any details about what you upgraded from/to, or
any other information.

Chances are you did not rebuild all of your ports when upgrading the OS.
The threading libraries change periodically, but do not necessarily
change in library revision number (E.g. so.5 --> so.6).

Also, why must you run Apache with the worker MPM? I've personally
(meaning I'm talking about my experiences, not a general statement)
never seen threaded Apache work -- only prefork.

By the way, your ktrace isn't going to help much, because I don't think
you ran ktrace with the correct arguments. I see a lot of fork()
action, which is expected (because that's what cron does!), but no
information about the children.

You'd be better off using gdb on the coredump and cron, and figuring out
where things crashed.

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