ok, just made a break trough,
when I added cron to /etc/libmap.conf
(here is my libnap.conf:
user# cat /etc/libmap.conf
libpthread.so.2 libthr.so.2
libpthread.so libthr.so
libpthread.so.2 libthr.so.2
libpthread.so libthr.so
cron stopped crashing.
I've wrote an angry mail at sunday morning (GMT+2) about apache crashing
after a buildworld (by ezjail-admin), and added the above lines fixed my

Seems like I'm having a problem with libpthread but I don't know exaclty

pls anyone help me, I have no idea why all apps using libpthread are
crashing after the upgrade.
This is only in the jail! in real system everything works as expected.

pls help with ideas and tips!

Anton - Valqk wrote:
> Hi there,
> have anyone faced a cron crashing in a jail when changing the
> /etc/crontab?
> I'm running a jail with nsswitch using pgsql backend and I've noticed
> a strange behaviour
> of my crontab.
> Every time I change the /etc/crontab file I get (or make crontab -e
> and save it)
> /usr/sbin/cron[32864]: (*system*) RELOAD (/etc/crontab)
> in /var/log/cron
> and immediately after that the cron dies with a core (core file is in
> /var/cron/cron.core),
> I've made a ktrace but nothing strange can be seen in it,
> heres the link to the kdump file:
> http://valqk.ath.cx/ktrace.out.txt
> any ideas appriciated!
> cheers,
> valqk.

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