Hi All,

First post to any FreeBSD list; be gentle!

Where would be the right place to go looking to
subscribe to a newbie level user-support list?
Perhaps rephrased 'complete newbie user support list'
.... LOL

I'm only like 9+ months into Linux [Ubuntu
desktop/server installs v.6.06.1 LTS], though with 12+
years on Windows before that {cough}. Only just
finding my way around with CLI, etc, etc.

Nevertheless, I wish to try to install and configure
FreeBSD as a firewall and I am currently based in the
South of England, should that be relevant to any
response. Any/all pointers much appreciated!!

The only 'official' list seems to be this:
But it starts off with the rather intimidating phrase
"You should not send "how to" questions to the
technical lists unless you consider the question to be
pretty technical."

Obviously all my questions are going to be pretty
stupid, 'How-To' type questions, try though I might to
get up to speed, I fear it's going to be some time
indeed before I will graduate out of the stupid newbie
type questions! Is there anything out there in the
FreeBSD world that might be of help to me, or is it
RTFM all the way?! {not as bad as it sounded
initially, as I hear BSD is well documented?!}...

Anyway - any pointers to something more at my level
appreciated, if there is anything in existence. I do
appreciate I'm most likely asking my first stupid
question to any FreeBSD list. Doesn't seem like an OS
people arrive at without first being a bit of an
expert, which I am patently, not!

TIA for any (polite) response at all!


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