On Saturday 22 March 2008 11:20:07 am Oliver Fromme wrote:
> M. Warner Losh wrote:
> > In message: <200803191633.m2JGXuBt088272@lurza.secnetix.de>
> >
> > Oliver Fromme writes:
> > : The vkernel feature has certainly benefits, e.g. the fact
> > : that you can attach to it with standard gdb and use the
> > : familiar debugging facilities, which can attract more
> >
> > Can't you say qemu -s and attach gdb to that port as well?

> Good point. According to the manpage it would work,
> but I've never tried it myself. (I'm rather careful
> with the qemu manpage because it also contains a few
> things that only work on Linux.)

It works great and is how I debugged the recent GPT and BTX boot loader stuff.
I haven't tried debugging the loader binary itself, but that should work.

John Baldwin
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