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>> The FreeBSD Project was again accepted as a mentoring organization for the
>> Google Summer of Code. The student application period will begin next week
>> so if you have any ideas for great student projects, please send them to
>> soc-admins@FreeBSD.org or post them here for discussion. A good student
>> project has a well defined purpose, some key FreeBSD developers that could
>> be identified as potential mentors, and is feasible for a student to
>> complete in a few months time. The existing ideas list is available here :
>> http://www.freebsd.org/projects/ideas/
>> If you can suggest something (getting specific parts of valgrind working on
>> FreeBSD?) then please provide information in the form of the other projects
>> listed on the page as far as difficulty level, requirements, etc..

> FYI, to students considering doing projects -- in the last day or two, we've
> made significant updates to the project ideas list. If you looked a few days
> ago, please look again. In particular, we've flagged a large number of
> potential SoC projects that were not there previously. We've also filtered
> out some that looked too big to be a good 3-month summer project, although you
> can still find many on the full ideas list. If you're going to work on a
> proposal for one of these projects, please directly contact the contacts
> listed for the project to get feedback before submitting your proposal. We
> will continue to update the project ideas page as new ideas come in, so do
> keep checking back.

Is it too late to add another SoC idea? I've made a proposal post yesterday

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