I have an application that makes use of 2 way socket communcations, so uses
Socket/ServerSocket, this is all standard IO, no java.nio is involved.

When running this under diablo 1.5 everything works fine, watching allocated
file descriptors with lsof shows nothing abnormal whatsoever.

If I run this under a port build JDK 1.6 then it starts leaking file
descriptors originating from TCP, until eventually the available descriptors
are exhausted and the application crashes with a 'too many open files'

I've tried both patchset 3 and 4 of the port, under amd64 and i386
architecture FreeBSD 6.3 and the same problem occurs under all

The problem file descriptors in the lsof output appear as:

java 47065 djb 46u IPv4 0xffffff01354a4000 0t0 TCP *:*
java 47065 djb 47u IPv4 0xffffff006b2875f0 0t0 TCP *:*
java 47065 djb 48u IPv4 0xffffff0001bdcbe0 0t0 TCP *:*
java 47065 djb 49u IPv4 0xffffff015924c000 0t0 TCP *:*
java 47065 djb 50u IPv4 0xffffff01375078e8 0t0 TCP *:*

I ran the application with -Xrunhprof enabled under jdk 1.6 and then used
jhat to look at the resulting dump.

I managed to determine from this that the FD number (ie 46u) corresponds to
the 'fd' field in a java.io.FileDescriptor instance.

Using the Object Query Language in jhat I went looking for these file
descriptor instances using:

'select f from java.io.FileDescriptor f where f.fd == ##'

For numbers which were genuine file descriptors (ie connected sockets etc)
this would always find the file descriptor instance and walking through the
referenced objects/fields it was clear it had located the correct file
descriptor. By that I mean the connected address, or for actual files, the
pointed to filename agreed with the lsof output.

If however I tried this query looking for file descriptor numbers which lsof
was showing in the CLOSED state then it would fail to find them at all, so
no FileDescriptor instance in the java heap referenced these file descriptor

To make sure I did a:
'select f.fd from java.io.FileDescriptor f'

This listed the 'fd' field value for all instances of java.io.FileDescriptor
in the heap, I had numbers for the ones expected (ie actual bound sockets,
open files/pipes etc that lsof showed) as well as quite a few set to -1 and
a lot set to 0. Presumably these last 2 are either newly created instances
or ones awaiting garbage collection.

I've basically completely run out of ideas as to where these file
descriptors are leaking, and given the working behaviour under diablo 1.5
and the lack of references in the heap dump I'm no longer sure that this is
actually a problem in my code.

Anyone more familiar with the JVM internals got any suggestions as to where
to go next?


Dominic Bishop

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