Hi all!

For some education reason a try to start Oracle with
SGA=1,4Gb on RELENG_7_0

I put many "trace" code-lines into linuxolator sources and
find what Oracle after successful call shmget() try to create
files on /dev/shm, aka /dev/shm/ora_orcl_$SHMIDT
But don't set O_CREAT flag for open(), only specify O_LARGEFILE flag

So, at linux_open() the path (/dev/shm) not converted to
linuxolator path. (I mount tmpfs on /compat/linux/dev/shm
mountpoint whith options rw,size=2Gb)

I find what O_LARGEFILE is only Linux spec flag for open()
and I look for correct (aka BSD) way to to change behavior
of linux_open()

Have fun!

ps. sorry for my english (

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