Garrett Wollman wrote:
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> Freddie Cash writes:
>> Oh, gods, please, no! That is one of the things I absolutely hate
>> about Debian (and its derivatives). There are some packages on Debian
>> where they use separate text files for each configuration option
>> (ProFTPd, for examples). It is a huge mess of directories and files
>> that makes it a *royal* PITA to edit at the CLI.
>> Yes, a scheme like that is better for GUI tools, but it really makes
>> things more difficult for non-GUI users/uses (like headless servers
>> managed via SSH).

> Try managing a few hundred mostly-but-not-entirely-identical machines
> and you really begin to appreciate the value of this approach. It is
> orders of magnitude easier to drop one file into the central config
> repository that does *one thing* than it is to manage a dozen
> not-quite-identical copies of a monolithic configuration file, keeping
> in sync the parts that are supposed to be in sync, and keeping the
> parts that are supposed to be different, different.
> If FreeBSD were able to do this, it might have a bit more traction at
> my place of employment.

I'm little puzzled. What actually FreeBSD and current portsystem + tools
are not able to do?!?!
You mean "I do not know how to do it" may be?

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