Eirik Øverby wrote:
> On Mar 23, 2008, at 08:28, Matthew Seaman wrote:
>> Freddie Cash wrote:
>>> All that's really needed is a more formalised process for handling
>>> upgrading config files, with as much as possible managed via the ports
>>> framework itself. Something that dictates the name of the config
>>> file, and that compares the config file from the port against the
>>> installed config file (or against an md5 of the port config file) and
>>> only replaces it if it is unchanged. Something that is part of the
>>> make system.

>> Most ports that install configuration files actually do this already.
>> It's generally why you'll find that a sample configuration file is
>> considered part of the port, but the actuall live configuration file
>> is not. The port will only feel free to meddle with the config file if
>> it is still identical to the sample file.

> There are a few exceptions to this rule: The courier authdaemon ports,
> for instance, are notorious for overwriting my carefully-crafted
> configuration files when upgrading. I loathe those ports (or apps -
> not sure who's to blame) for that reason alone. In fact, it not only
> installs a config.dist file (which is fine), but it ALSO overwrites
> the current config. A cardinal sin, if there ever were any..

I'm using FreeBSD + courrier for imap/pop3 and auth for more then 2
years till now and this never happen to me.
Though I'm using portupgrade to upgrade those ports.
The only port that destroyed my configuration file is blocksshd, I
reported it and it was fixed in 2 days.

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