On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 09:01:23PM -0700, Sam Leffler wrote:
> We made a decision a while back to not use malloc flags for mbuf routine
> arguments.

While I can see the point in this (if we ever change the
mbuf allocator from UMA to something else), like I said
in my email, a lot of code already uses malloc flags for

> There are even assertions to verify it.

I think this was OBE, now mbuf.h says:

: /*
: * Flags specifying how an allocation should be made.
: *
: * The flag to use is as follows:
: * - M_DONTWAIT or M_NOWAIT from an interrupt handler to not block allocation.
: * - M_WAIT or M_WAITOK from wherever it is safe to block.
: *
: * M_DONTWAIT/M_NOWAIT means that we will not block the thread explicitly and
: * if we cannot allocate immediately we may return NULL, whereas
: * M_WAIT/M_WAITOK means that if we cannot allocate resources we
: * will block until they are available, and thus never return NULL.
: *
: * XXX Eventually just phase this out to use M_WAITOK/M_NOWAIT.
: */
: #define MBTOM(how) (how)
: #define M_WAIT M_WAITOK

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