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Freddie Cash writes:

>Oh, gods, please, no! That is one of the things I absolutely hate
>about Debian (and its derivatives). There are some packages on Debian
>where they use separate text files for each configuration option
>(ProFTPd, for examples). It is a huge mess of directories and files
>that makes it a *royal* PITA to edit at the CLI.
>Yes, a scheme like that is better for GUI tools, but it really makes
>things more difficult for non-GUI users/uses (like headless servers
>managed via SSH).

Try managing a few hundred mostly-but-not-entirely-identical machines
and you really begin to appreciate the value of this approach. It is
orders of magnitude easier to drop one file into the central config
repository that does *one thing* than it is to manage a dozen
not-quite-identical copies of a monolithic configuration file, keeping
in sync the parts that are supposed to be in sync, and keeping the
parts that are supposed to be different, different.

If FreeBSD were able to do this, it might have a bit more traction at
my place of employment.

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