Armando Cambra wrote:

> I'm returning to FreeBSD from a long odyssey od using some other OSs...
> I have an Asus P1j (I think) Notebook, with a 3945 Wifi Card in it.
> As I'm a roadwarrior I really need that fix of Wifi :-) but I don't
> seem to get it working. I tried to follow the Mailing lists but did
> not find anything related to my problem.
> I'm running FreeBSD 7.0 or better trying to run it.
> 1. I can't start the FreeBSD without ACPI turned on, the Kernel just
> panics. So no luck there :-(
> dmesg show lots of "wpi error: bus_dmamem_alloc failed to align memory
> properly", but nevertheless I get the wpi0 interface. It just does not
> associate itself with the AP. I think the Network card is not running
> as the status light is not light (I have some ... indeed very nice ...
> leds that indicate the status).

I have some collected information on setting up wpi here:
(under dv9700t)

Obviously this is not the same hardware as you, but if you can get a device
wpi0 you've already fought most of the battle.

btw, according to an older post, "wpi error: bus_dmamem_alloc failed to
align memory properly" is not really a big deal. I used to get those errors
(you will see this in the configs I pointed you to above) but wpi worked
anyway. The latest patches that have been floating around on freebsd-net@
solve the problem (and a host of others, too). I don't know if they've been
MFCd back to 7.0 yet but they will be.

Good luck -

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