what a trip. bravo, jon michaels

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, jonathan michaels wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 08:15:36PM -0700, Jason C. Wells wrote:
>> jonathan michaels wrote:
>>> it is easy to say i didn't know, but its harder to justify treating
>>> people like jcw did, as per example, i'm not picling on ou jason, your
>>> post and responce is teh best example of this process that i have seen
>>> since a few nolonger present in public freebsd community made sport of
>>> broken people and those fro whom english is not a second or third or
>>> even a fourth language.

>> I never made sport of any person. You made yourself into a victim of a
>> conversation you weren't even part of to start with. My participation
>> was squarely on the topic of content and presentation.
>> This turned out to be the most horrendous conversation I have ever been
>> part of in my internet travels. I'm flabbergasted.

> thank you fro your prompt and infromative reply to my offlist
> explanation, i appreciate your concern and interest in resolving this
> issue.
> i appreciate your concern regarding these sorts of missunderstanding,
> as an ongoing concern for freebsd as a whole, to reiterate, i am not a
> victim, i chose to share some of my concerns as regards how i see
> people being treated in general.
> sadly my own communications skills are not up to teh tasks required.
> for that failing i apologise. sadly there is nothing much that i can do
> about that short of teh grate technological leap forward that is
> constantly being promised by medical science. so for that i plead your
> indulgance --- we all do what we can as best as we can, that is how we
> all move forward, grow in increase in functionality, value and worth,
> forst to our selfs and teh t teh community as a whole -- as i see these
> things.
> perhaps one day people such as i and yourslef might be-able to
> communicate, as human beings of equal value and or worth, witouth, the
> current impediments that plague such disparately stacked (personal)
> value systems.
> sorry i took so long to respond, i've had a busy schedule with dr's
> appointments, quarterly reviews and such like, they are all going on
> holidays and decided to make sure that i was "still alive" well
> thats how life gose some times.
> so, be well, take care and think kindly off those of us who don't meet
> societal standards, personal standards and or whatever such devices are
> used to gauge value/worth or even suitability --- we all have many ways
> of expressing these things and not always is teh intended message
> received or for that matter sent because of teh above and previously
> mentioned disperateness, differences and or percieved strangenesses on
> both sides of teh fence.
> be well, take care and may (your) god's peace dwell with you as mine has
> with me .. all teh days of my life, helping and guiding.
> most kind regards with my most sincere appreciations.
> jonathan
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