Joshua Coombs wrote:
> As a follow up:
> I setup a fresh 7.0 install in a VM and played with it. Using my
> make.conf, I showed cc1 using 130MB when compiling insn-attrtab.c. I
> tweaked the VM conf down to 32MB of RAM and redid the compile, and other
> than taking forever due to swapping, it again churned past
> insn-attrtab.c using 130MB successfully.
> My next test is going to be simulating the swap setup I've got on my
> 386. Rather than one 384MB swap partition, I have three 128MB swap
> partitions, one per drive. My theory was I'd see some small boost when
> swapping by spreading the work load. Turns out it doesn't help, I
> bottleneck on the ISA bus, transferring 1.5MB/sec max no matter how I
> spread the work across the drives. When I re-partition I'll just pick
> one drive to hold all swap.
> That said, given how I butted up against a limit suspiciously close to
> the size of my swap partitions, rather than the 512MB data size limit
> reports, thats my next guess as to the cause, swap isn't allowing single
> processes to page into multiple swap pools?
> Josh C

I can now confirm, using two 128MB swap partitions, plus a third 2GB
partition, with 32MB of ram configured results in buildworld's failing,
just using a 2GB swap partition works.

Josh C

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