On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 12:36:19PM +0200, Anton - Valqk wrote:
> Hi there group,
> I have a P 233MHZ machine running as rouer,
> I have attached a second drive for a storage but the IDE controller on the
> mother board is very old and slow (UDMA33).
> The disk is new and have 16MB cache, but the IDE is very slow and have very
> bad performace - about 1.3MB/s.
> I want to attach a PCI PATA IDE controller (I'm running 6.3) that will be
> rock solid.
> can you please recommend me a good card?

Many people have had good success (while within a limited budget) with
PATA and SATA cards from Promise Technologies.



Two things:

1) Their RAID controllers *also* do JBOD (non-RAID), which means you can
use them as a standard non-RAID disks (they'll appear in FreeBSD as adX

2) Their Ultra133 TX2 card works fine on 33MHz PCI bus machines; don't
worry about the card being 66MHz, it will downthrottle correctly.

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