> What I'm looking at is a DL360 G5, probably with one E5335 (quad 2.0)
> and 4G of RAM and 4x 146Gb SAS disks on the Smart Array P400i card.
> I've googled and looked through the list archives trying to find
> success stories/problem reports using FreeBSD on this box, but haven't
> found very much.. Only thing was http://www.freebsd.org/platforms/amd...herboards.html
> which says "Functional" which isnt very informative
> So.. Does anyone have any experience with this combo (DL360 G5 / P400i)?
> Furthermore, anyone run 7.0 on this? Or should I still stick with
> 6.3... Load will be a couple of jails mainly running apache + php +
> mysql (or at least thats where the load will be).

Works like a charm. I have one DL360 with 2 x quad-core (E5345) with
16 GB ram and one p400i- and one p800-controller. This is running
FreeBSD 7.0 release. This is running postgresql 8.3. I have another
DL360 with 8 GB ram and one p400i-controller runnning apache. No
hassles with the server.

I also have a DL380 which ran 7.0 beta2 without problems.


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