> What I'm looking at is a DL360 G5, probably with one E5335 (quad 2.0)
> and 4G of RAM and 4x 146Gb SAS disks on the Smart Array P400i card.

> So.. Does anyone have any experience with this combo (DL360 G5 / P400i)?

We have around 20 machines like that and they work beautifully. We
run 7.0/amd64 on the machines now, but we have run 6.2/i386 in the past
and that work fine - though you will only be able to use the first
3.5 gig of RAM.

> Furthermore, anyone run 7.0 on this? Or should I still stick with

We run 7.0 on these machines and it works fine - I always prefer 7.0
to 6.3 on SMP machines as it performs better. Also 7.0 works well with
the iLO on these machines - I seem to recall when I installed 6.X that
it didn't work too well and I had to use boot floppy images. I'd say
go for 7.0 and amd64 if you can.

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